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“Foundation Licence Now” - textbook from the Radio Society of Great Britain

“Intermediate Licence” - textbook from the Radio Society of Great Britain

“Advance!” - textbook from the Radio Society of Great Britain

Paddle Morse Key

The Radio Amateur training and exams are administered on behalf of Ofcom by the Radio Society of Great Britain, which sets several dates each year for the various exams.

You must first pass the Foundation exam, which has both written questions on radio theory and procedures (multiple choice format), and practical assessments. This allows you to operate on most amateur bands with some restrictions.

After gaining experience with the Foundation licence, you can progress to the Intermediate and Advanced licence's, which each require a further exam (also multiple choice format) but have fewer restrictions (e.g. higher transmitter power).

MFARS charges a nominal fee for tuition to cover venue costs and tutors’ expenses,  the RSGB charges an administration fee for sitting the exam, which must be paid by the candidate. For information on how the exam and licensing scheme works, see the RSGB licensing information web pages.

We will run a course over a weekend for the Foundation & Intermediate licenses or several months (usually one evening a week) for the Advanced exam if there is sufficient interest. The subjects covered depend on the licence level, and include basic electronics, radio theory, operating procedures, licensing rules, and practical electronics construction.

For those interested in starting out in amateur radio, we run training courses for Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced radio communications examinations. We have a registered examination centre in Elgin where the exams (and usually also the tuition) take place. We have successfully tutored over 50 candidates for the exams. See Club News for details of future training and contact us to express an interest we can run courses when required.

Radio Exam and Morse Courses

Amateur Radio Licence Examinations

Morse Code

There is no longer a requirement to pass a formal morse code assessment to hold an Amateur Radio licence, however the interest in using this method of communication remains as strong as ever. Moray Firth ARS are able to offer formal tuition in using morse code and can provide a formal assessment for those interested in gaining recognition of their ability.

Please contact us for details on ways you can learn this fascinating method of communication.